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Having a look at the best design ideas may help you choosing what can be adapted to your needs. Great ideas, of course, often stem from great minds. In the world of jewelry there are some established names that have their own lines and are offered through jewelry comapnies. Please see below our slection of the best artist and their design ideas:

Ideas and Their Creators

Paloma Picasso

The fashion designer with the famous name is well known for her jewelry line for Tiffany .& Co.

Suzanne Belperron

This famous designer was as secretive as ingenious and used to say:"My style is my signature".

Waris Ahluwalia

This Indian American designer is best known for diamond rings.

Jennifer Meyer

Well connteced in the show biz, Jennifer Meyer is a new comer.



"The best designer create the best design ideas - simple as that."
Larry Flowers, San Francisco