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Romantic Locations

We selected the top spots for making a gift presentation even more special.

Top Spots

  • Caneel Bay Resort - U.S. Virgin Islands - Unique and exclusive place. Very special with several different restaurants, usually not crowded..


  • Venice, Italy - The classic, of course ! A trip to remember forever by itself, it will become even more immemorable with a special gift.


  • Hawaii, United States - When you go there with someone special love is already in the air. We recommend going to Hawaii and stying there for at least 2 weeks.


  • Paris. France - Many top spots there, but the city and its flair is without doubt a fantastic on its own. Popping the question in a French Castle, maybe?

"If you ask people who who went to Venice for romantic reasons, few if any will tell you it was a bad idea or experience. The place with the special romantic flair never disappoints. "
Liz Vonne, Travel Agent.

"Hawaii - impressive and relaxing, with memories that last forever. "
Ashley Trix, Sports Instructor

"It may be 'Kitsch', but who cares? Getting a wedding proposal in Paris is as special as anything. Makes you not think twice easily."
Miriam Taylor, Business Owner